About Leigh Pierce

Leigh Pierce is a freelance writer living in Texas. She has written human interest stories, articles on health and fitness and is currently working on several writing projects including two children’s books. Leigh’s background includes a B.A. in Psychology and a Master of Arts in Health. She is an Associate Professor of  Health at a local college and enjoys spending time with her husband, six year old son and two dogs.

We’ve all been given a gift to share with others and to keep it to ourselves would be the biggest tragedy of all! Our characters and stories need to live for our stories have the power to motivate, inspire and change lives.

2 thoughts on “About Leigh Pierce

  1. My mother has a friend who helps the lost boys of Sudan and I have only recently learned of their stories. How very interesting and sad, aren’t they. I think it is so great that you have a connection with one of these young men, from my understanding, it really grounds you to hear their struggles and pasts. I enjoyed reading your blog and hope to see more!!!

  2. Thanks for sending me the info. about your blog. I enjoyed reading the stories and look forward to seeing more post.

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