Clarity in 2016

This week I noticed a lot of postings on social media about the 365 days ahead of us and how we should make it great, better than last year, write a new chapter and accomplish all of the things we didn’t due to lack of focus for the past 365 days. As we progress into the first week of 2016 there’s usually a great deal of clarity for me starting out but then once the chaos

Back Camera

of work, school, and activities that accompany these are in full swing again, the clarity slowly diminishes and I’m back to the “take one day at a time” mode on Monday and “Thank God Friday is just around the corner” mode by Wednesday.

I know many of you refuse to make formal New Year’s resolutions and while no one likes to set themselves up for failure, I still enjoy making my new year’s bucket list so here it is:

I vow to complete at least 3 writing and several painting projects that I started and didn’t complete no matter how awful I may think it is. I’ll allow others to be the judge.

I plan to take more family photos this year regardless of how much kicking and screaming I receive in return from my pack.

I will focus more on my career goals this year.

On a daily note, I will plan out meals so we don’t eat out during the week at all saving us both money and added calories.

I will focus on one of my bucket list items made years ago and take my written pilot exam and devote more time to learning how to fly-One of my lifelong dreams.

I will make the world a better place for others in some way.

Above it all, I will enjoy the gift of family and friendships we’ve been blessed to have through the years and make plans more often with those we only saw once or less in 2015.

So, there it is. Yes, my list is always longer than it should be with only 365 days to achieve all of the above so with that said, time management will be my challenge-something we can all improve. This is my first blog entry in quite some time so I’m off to a great start on this 4th day of 2016.  Cheers to all of you in 2016 and hoping each of you find clarity in your list of resolutions not only this week but throughout the year!

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